INTERLOPER  - is the largest company in Russia and CIS on production, sale and service of bows and crossbows, the only one in Russia Crossbows and Bows Centre INTERLOPER  - a network of own shops and show-room, own production and repair base, developed system of warehouse space, only in the center of Moscow own shooting range, production of self-supporting and training literature. Interloper is the largest in Russia and the CIS seller of bows and crossbows, the only official representative of the largest world brands. We supply crossbows and bows all over Russia and all CIS countries through a network of almost 1000 wholesale partners. More than 70% of bows and crossbows are sold in Russia and other CIS countries purchased from us.

INTERLOPER  - exclusive Russia and the CIS industrial manufacturer of bows and crossbows own brand. Sole in Russia and CIS official distributor of legendary and best hunting bows and crossbows company №1 in the World BEAR ARCHERY. Official distributor of the largest world brands for production of bows, crossbows, arrows and accessories to archery goods like HOYT, TEN POINT, BARNETT, WINCHESTER, PSE, MATHEWS, EXCALIBUR, HORTON, SAMICK, T.R.U. BALL, AXCEL, TROPHY RIDGE, EASTON, CARBON EXPRESS. Any other crossbow and bow we always collect and configure with the individual anthropometric data of the buyer. Only in our shops You can immediately check the crossbow and bow shooting, start training and learning archery, test bows and crossbows at the outdoor shooting range in the center of Moscow. INTERLOPER is the Archery Trade Association Member - for more see page Diplomas and Awards >>

Охота с луком и арбалетом ИНТЕРЛОПЕР - Арбалетно-лучный Центр №1 в России и СНГ Охота с луком и арбалетом ИНТЕРЛОПЕР - Арбалетно-лучный Центр №1 в России и СНГ


The beginning of archery market in Russia. Before 1993 bows and cross bows in Russia could easily be purchased in hunting or sports shops without any restrictions or special licenses. In 1993 with the introduction of new Weapon Laws, bows and cross bows effectively became prohibited until introduction of sublegal acts (some of them 9 years later) allowing the sale of bows and cross bows with a maximum draw of tension of 20 kg. Nevertheless until 2002 import of archery products in Russia was forbidden due to bureaucratic obstacles. During the prohibition period the archery market in Russia was destroyed, until 2007 we had to remind some retail outlets that prohibition was abolished. In 2007 new changes to a Law were introduced allowing bows with a draw tension of 27 kg and cross bows with a draw tension of 43 kg. The culture of bow hunting began to develop though only in private hunting holdings which became increasingly popular every year in Russia. In state lands hunting with bows and arbalests is still forbidden.

The history of foundation of Interloper company

In 2003 the business idea has risen: to set up a company to sell archery equipment. At the same time the company started with selling Russian made cross bows. In parallel the company organized its own exclusive Russian manufacturing of custom made items, these single-piece works of weapon-art are made of fine wood, decorated with curved ivory (mammoth, elephant, walrus, whale and cachalot), encrusted with metal. Many of those pieces are in collection of first parties of state.

Also there was opened the first dedicated shop in Moscow.

Imports commenced in 2004, after 10 years of prohibition sales were difficult as people had forgotten how enjoyable shooting a bow or cross bow could be. It was decided to promote to the Russian archery market by selling combined packages to commercial organizations of archery shooting ranges. It became a very successful product & the interest in archery began to grow. Shooting ranges under Interloper brand appeared almost in every city of Russia.

A franchise system was introduced in 2005 and the first representatives of Interloper appeared in the regions of Russia. The second shop opened in St. Petersburg and a massive advertising campaign organized by Interloper began to benefit.

In 2006 we started producing 3D targets and shooting shields, Interloper has now become the founder of all 3D archery competition in Russia, and up to date is a sponsor of 3D Archery Federation. There was published a literary miscellany “Arbalests and bows”.

In 2007 Interloper became an exclusive supplier of archery products to Russian retail net of more than a 150 outlets “Sportmaster”. 15 representatives of Interloper are successfully working in regions.

In 2008 there was open private bow shooting ground in the center of Moscow where the largest Russian tournaments take place. The Moscow Championship is held annually since.

In 2009 Interloper becomes a sponsor of the best sport schools and holds its own competitions: the Cup of Interloper, tournament ”To the Spot”, national award in development of public relation “Silver Archer”, etc.

In 2010 the shop is transformed to retail archery supermarket, professional sportsmen archers and qualified specialists are working there. The supermarket is 250 sq.m., there is a vast choice of cross bows, bows, arrows, additional equipment for sport, recreation and hunting. A service centre is working on the basis of supermarket.

In 2011 dealer net Interloper has more than 350 agencies and covers all cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and many else.

In 2012 the turnover increased by 80% (by comparison with the year before) and at the present day is 10 mln USD. At the appraisal  of Publishing House “Kommersant” Interloper is the main and practically the only serious player of archery market in Russia today. As of today  company Interloper has the largest dealer net in Russia.

In 2013 Interloper celebrate 10 years as the first archery supplier on the Russian market

In 2015 We opened the biggest archery supermarket in Moscow, Russia and still act as an exclusive Russian distributor of "Poe Lang" company.

The company Interloper is the oldest and the most dynamic company in Russian market, which works on market development and makes huge investments to popularization of bows and arbalests theme.

Interloper regularly participates in annual exhibitions dedicated to cold weapons and firearms, presenting its equipment and services. Among them are: “Hunting and fishing in Russia” at Russian Exhibition Centre, International exhibition “ARMS & HUNTING” in Gostinny Dvor, “Russian Hunting” in Crocus Expo, “Blade” in Government House in Moscow and many others - for more see page Exhibitions and Shows >>


INTERLOPER - ИНТЕРЛОПЕР - Арбалетно-Лучный Центр №1 в России и СНГ

Company "Interloper" is the exclusive distributor of "PoeLang" in Russia! For over than 10 years we have been selling bows, crossbows, arrows and accessories produced by well-known Taiwanese company. Quality and reliability of the company's products are confirmed by years of successful sales. Product range of "PoeLang" is regularly updated with new crossbows and bows.


Our priority is business etiquette and respect to our partners. We value not immediate profit but stable and long relations. In our view, business exists not only for making profit and expanding the market share but it has to be social responsible and help those who cannot help themselves.