Блочный арбалет стикс интерлопер styx видео обзор

Compound crossbow "Styx" - "A New Way to the target!" Powerful, dazzling fast, stylish and reliable - this crossbow is definitely worth the wait.

Here is the first of a new line of crossbow "Interloper" - "Styx"! The all-new model has been designed "from scratch" and incorporated all the latest technological solutions. Serious characteristics (arrow speed - 400 FPS) are combined with an affordable price that makes this crossbow an absolute favorite in 2016.

Video of official launch of the block crossbow "Styx" - detailed analysis of the characteristics of a crossbow, the most anticipated features of the best compound crossbow in 2016. The presentation took place at a retail store "Interloper" at Moscow, Leningrad Highway 68, February 14, 2016. 

Crossbow is now available for order!