INTERLOPER (Archery Trade Association Member), as the oldest and largest Archery company in the market in Russia and CIS countries, has the most highly qualified management, the best team of sales professionals, engineering and own coaching staff and team Archery-PRO-staffers.

The Company's top Managers, experts in marketing and sales, makes Interloper global leader of Archery segment in Russia and the CIS.

Sales network of the company includes over 800 dealers in more than 150 cities of Russia, spaced at a distance more than 10,000 kilometers.

More than 70 % of all bows and crossbows sold in Russia is imported by Interloper. Thanks to our management we unconditionally dominant in archery segment of Russia.

Interloper team of highly qualified engineering personnel allows us to create bows and crossbows with the own design, which possess high technical indicators so that they can compete with the products of the world's largest manufacturers.

Interloper is constantly working to improve the assortment of production, offering to the Russian purchaser qualitative and competitive modern line of bows, crossbows and accessories at lower prices than foreign analogues.

The cost of our products to more than half of their foreign counterparts, and we accompany its sales in Russia through its own Service Center having the most advanced technical equipment and technical staff, which provides support in Russia the production of all the world's largest manufacturers of bows and crossbows.

We are the only ones in Moscow have their own open a shooting range in the center of the Russian capital, in close proximity to the Central Store and Office Center. It is the place for training of qualified trainers and specialists of the setting and adjustment bows and crossbows.

With Interloper work best in Russia professional team of bowhunters, experiencing our own products, make recommendations on improving it, test new items of Archery-supermarket, allowing us to choose the most practical and effective models to import and manufacture. That's why we only sell the absolute hits of all segments of the market.

We work with the most successful and popular media and journalists in the niche Hunting-Fishing-Leisure in Russia and CIS countries, supplying our clients and representatives with detailed materials and reviews and ratings, descriptions of the goods and test results, announcements of news and detailed reports about the whole range of the most modern archery production in the world.

We offer our foreign partners services in promotion of their production on the territory of the very marked on the map of the Land, thus completely changing global trends and the distribution of shares of market coverage.

All this allows us to work on the most favorable terms for the client. If you find somewhere cheaper than the proposed product from us - we will sell it to you even cheaper.

Where we are - always a success. Join us and you'll be part of the winning team !


INTERLOPER - ИНТЕРЛОПЕР - Арбалетно-Лучный Центр №1 в России и СНГ